WordPress Hack – Content Disappeared

So recently, I was working on a project and while tweaking for page speed using Wp3 Cache and messing around with .htaccess file my website disappeared!

Blank page, spinner rotating and no content!

I got freaked out and checked the admin panel, everything was in it’s place. All pages there, all posts there.

Replaced the content of the .htaccess file and no luck. That’s when I saw this video and deactivated my W3 Total Cache plugin & VOILA! The page was back again. Rocking as usual, but still giving me page speed issues. But that’s for another time.

Connect to AWS using Putty

So, I am trying to install wordpress on AWS to use it as a hosting for my new website (Want to try this out, instead of GoDaddy Multisite). Followed instructions to the T (used Putty Key Gen, created private key etc.) but when it came to connecting to the server itself, kept getting the following error

Not sure on what to do, tried to use user as “root”

Voila! the system told me to use “ec2-user” as the user and I was in!

P.S – This is the tutorial I have been following: http://coenraets.org/blog/2012/01/setting-up-wordpress-on-amazon-ec2-in-5-minutes/