WordPress Hack – Out of Memory Error

I keep getting a message while developing a website which says there has been a fatal error and the process cannot complete because out of memory or memory exhausted on line 238 and yada yada yada…

The simplest way to fix it is to go to your File Manager in Hosting, find a file called default constants in wp-includes folder and change the value which is set at 40M to 128M.

Here is a video explaining it better.


Connect to AWS using Putty

So, I am trying to install wordpress on AWS to use it as a hosting for my new website (Want to try this out, instead of GoDaddy Multisite). Followed instructions to the T (used Putty Key Gen, created private key etc.) but when it came to connecting to the server itself, kept getting the following error

Not sure on what to do, tried to use user as “root”

Voila! the system told me to use “ec2-user” as the user and I was in!

P.S – This is the tutorial I have been following: http://coenraets.org/blog/2012/01/setting-up-wordpress-on-amazon-ec2-in-5-minutes/